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3 Startups from 2014 Start Co. Demo Day That Can Change Your Business

The 2014 Start Co. Demo Day provided the grand finale of the organization’s 14-week startup training and mentorship program. Fifteen new startups took the stage to present their creative ideas with the hopes of securing funding and a future for their venture.

The founders represent a variety of industries and backgrounds, and their revolutionary ideas could help solve some of your everyday problems: from helping take care of your aging parents to finding your lost dog to scheduling the best time for a game of Super Mario Kart with your friends.

But when it comes to helping out the everyday business, three startups stood out. And here are three products and services your company can look forward to or even take advantage of now:

1. BarterSugar for Businesses

Maybe you have some extra inventory that you just can’t seem to sell. Or, maybe one too many appointments cancelled and you have the whole afternoon free when you really just want the revenue. BarterSugar can help you maximize that time and goods to get the services and products you already need.

So you can barter a family haircut session for payroll services from your accountant. Trade in some dental work for a supply of toothbrushes. Or, lend out your venue space in return for some handy work. Like BarterSugar’s website says, “Why let excess inventory, vacant spaces and idle appointment times drain your business bank account? Join BarterSugar and start using resources that you already have to trade for what you need today.”

2. troopto

It’s your boss’s birthday (yes, already), and you’re in charge of getting everyone to contribute and buy a nice gift. It’s awkward at best, and you hate putting the pressure on your coworkers. Then, you have to figure out what in the world your boss would want. Well, with troopto you can skip the entire process.

The website allows you to set up a fund, ask coworkers to contribute anonymously by a certain date and then send the money directly to the recipient for them to choose whether they want to redeem it as cash, pick a gift card or donate it. Offices can also use it for fundraising efforts or for managing their fantasy leagues.

Every company is in the business of predicting what their customer wants. Which product appeals to them most? Which price are they most likely to pay? Which ad will get their attention best? These are all questions companies ask every day. And now - they can get the answers.

Pickle is an app that gets users to choose one of up to four options based on the question: Which of these will the most users pick? So instead of just giving their own opinion, they’re trying to guess the opinion of the group. A company can insert its product/price/ad and find out which users prefer (or think the most people prefer) and get their brand exposure in the process. And businesses can even filter the results based on their target market. To the user, it’s like a game. To the business, it’s invaluable market research.

And these are only three of the startup ideas that are growing and succeeding in Memphis. Go to the Start Co website here to see the full program with links to each startups’ website.
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