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Memphis' Super Women in Business

Yahoo! Inc. shocked observers in July when it named Marissa Mayer as its new CEO. Mayer, at 37-years-old, now is the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company. She’s also pregnant, and not just in that swollen-but-not-visibly-showing phase either. She’s eight months along.

Glass ceiling, consider yourself shattered.

On a similar note, Memphis Business Journal is enthused to celebrate some of its own glass-ceiling breakers with its 2012 Super Women in Business awards. Mayer is proof that no position is out of reach for an American woman. But you don’t have to live in Silicon Valley to be a dynamic business leader. The 2012 Super Women in Business honorees prove that, even in Memphis, no position is out of reach for a female.

Bank president? Check. Hospital president and business founder? Check and check. CFO of a Fortune 500 company? Of course.

MBJ conducts multiple awards programs held throughout the year, but this is the first time we’ve strictly celebrated women in the working world — and the feedback already has been overwhelmingly positive.

We received 115 nominations (an impressive number, especially in an event’s inaugural year) and whittling that list down to 25 was a difficult task, indeed. We received nominations from all kinds of people: employees, colleagues, community leaders, other ‘Super Women’, CEOs and family members. There are so many qualified, successful women in Memphis worth celebrating and we were thrilled to see the community come together to nominate them.

I have to admit, as a woman in business myself, I was surprised to see that Memphis has so many females in powerful business positions. I knew of some, but looking through the nominations blew my mind. And made me proud. We don’t make up the majority of business leaders, but we’re clearly gaining ground.

So many of the Super Women have blazed the trail for younger women behind them, and we’re already looking forward to next year’s event. And the year after. Will we run out of women to honor? I doubt it.

As more Marissa Mayers pop up in the working world, women should continue to get more — and better — opportunities. And MBJ is looking forward to tracking that evolution.

-- Jane Aldinger Donahoe

Jane Aldinger Donahoe
Sections & Web Editor
Memphis Business Journal
Posted: 8/9/2012 2:10:49 PM | with 0 comments
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