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Here to Stay

Meet Young Memphian: Kelly Earnest, The Peabody Memphis Hotel
Kelly Earnest is one of 10 Young Memphians featured in our upcoming annual Young Memphis issue of Memphis Crossroads Magazine. We’ve asked each Young Memphian to submit a guest blog about their experience as a young professional in Memphis.  Kelly works as the Director of Public Relations for The Peabody Memphis, promoting Memphis around the world.  Here’s what Kelly had to say.

Here to Stay

I’ll admit it. When I decided to move to Memphis, I was adamant that it would be “only for a few years.” And yet, here I am, seven years later. My husband and I have planted roots for the first time ever – we bought a home on Mud Island where we’re happily raising a family of four-legged fur babies – and we have no intention of leaving any time soon. To me, that speaks volumes about how much I love Memphis.
I really love my job at The Peabody, too. I lucked out by getting into an industry I love straight out of college, and now I’m fortunate enough to represent this iconic historic hotel that is known around the world. Working in the tourism/hospitality industry means, naturally, that travel is part of the job, and I’ve been able to visit some pretty cool places over the years. But, more importantly, I get to spread the word about Memphis and The Peabody.
Kelly Earnest and the Dalai Lama.What’s interesting, though, is that no matter where I am in the world, when I tell people I’m from Memphis, they instantly nod in recognition. Everybody everywhere knows Memphis. The name Memphis evokes images of Elvis, BBQ, the Mighty Mississippi, and, if I’m doing my job right, marching ducks. A lot of cities don’t have that kind of authentic identity and struggle to find one or manufacture one. Not Memphis. Memphis has personality to spare and, believe me, other cities - other travel destinations - would kill for that kind of brand recognition.
So every day when I drive home, heading north along the Mississippi River, I almost have to pinch myself. That mythical river I grew up reading about in grade school, that’s known around the world… it’s right at my doorstep.

-- Kelly Earnest
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