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Trusted IT Advisor—Do You Need One?

By Mark Giannini, CEO, Service Assurance

Most successful businesspeople surround themselves with trusted advisors with highly specialized knowledge and expertise—a CPA, an investment advisor, a lawyer, perhaps even an executive coach.

So, do you have someone you trust to advise you on IT strategy?

Technology—the data it provides and the productivity it enhances—is critical to the growth of your company. Year after year your firm spends large sums of money on IT. But do you know what you’re getting? Do you know if the budget dollars are being wisely spent? And in difficult economic times when budgets are tight, ensuring you are cutting the right IT expenses while optimizing performance is essential.

There are a number of important and impressive technologies that can in fact increase productivity and efficiency while reducing costs. But you can't just read about them, you have to know which ones are right for your company in your environment. These include:
• 24/7 Managed Services
• Cloud Services & Hosted Solutions
• Server and Desktop Virtualization
• Automated Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
• Staff Augmentation
• Outsourced 24/7 Help Desk Support

Technological advances will continue to move faster and faster. So will the pace of business. Without a trusted advisor, you may move rapidly in the wrong direction causing you to lose market share and competitive advantage.

I recommend finding someone outside the company, a trusted advisor, who you can count on to give you the straight up facts. No politics, no empire building. Just a solid strategy that will positively leverage technology to transform your firm and position it for the future.

As a CEO myself, I face many of the same business issues as you do. Feel free to call on me at anytime—901-202-5150 or I’d be happy to point you in the right direction to find a reliable trusted advisor.

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