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Nominate a Young Memphian Today

We couldn’t be more excited for the start of April. April means springtime, beautiful weather and Memphis green spaces, but it also means we start taking nominations for the 2014 Young Memphians!

Each year we recognize ten young professionals who are taking flight in one of the Greater Memphis Chamber member businesses, and YOU get to nominate them. 

The Young Memphians will be featured on the cover of our Memphis Crossroads Magazine Summer issue, as well as a full-page spotlight inside. Take a look at 2013’s Young Memphian issue here.

So leave a comment in the section below, email me or contact us through Facebook or Twitter with your nominee’s name, place of work, contact information and a sentence or two on why they should be a Greater Memphis Chamber Young Memphian. The deadline is Wednesday, April 16, so get in your votes today!

If you’d like to advertise in this popular issue, please contact Christina Meek at or 901-543-3504.

Marquita Taylor
I was recently told about these nominations, and although the due date has passed, I am still going to nominate this young lady in the hopes that my ignorance does not eliminate her. I would like to nominate Larissa Redmond for this honor. Larissa is the CEo and Founder of the Collegiate Life Investment Foundation, a nonprofit organization she found in honor of her fiancé who was killed by a young lady texting and driving in Memphis in 2012. Larissa not only shares her story about texting and driving across the nation, but through C.L.I.F. she has given scholarships and provide financial assistance to victims and the families of distracted driving accidents. In addition to all of the work she does with the nonprofit, she is a full time law student at John Marshall Law School, in addition to starting a 3rd degree at the University of memphis this summer. Larissa world 2 jobs and a legal internship, and some how finds a way to inspire other Mid-Southerns to put the phone down while driving. She has turned her tragedy to triumph and is trull an inspiration for the city of Memphis. I beg of you to honor this inspiring young lady!
4/24/2014 6:15:46 PM

Quan Logan
Quan Logan

Owner of LilyRoze Studios
25 years old

810 S. Main St.
Memphis, TN 38106
I would like to nominate Nadia Matthews as an outstanding Young Memphian. At the tender age of 16 she donated 10K to a local HBCU from the proceeds of her stage play in which she wrote, produced and directed. She later appeared on the Tyra Banks Show for all of her efforts and deemed "The Goddess of Hope & Riches" She opened up a performing arts studio called LilyRoze Studios in 2011 which reach over 300 young people a year.
4/16/2014 7:00:32 AM

Barbara Prescott
I am very pleased to nominate Austin Baker for Outstanding Young Memphian. Austin is the President of HRO Partners, a human resource consulting & outsourcing firm. He is married with children and is beyong his years in his accomplishments in business and community work. His first business, EServ, was started by him while a sophomore at the university of Memphis and it wonthe Small Business of the Year in 2007. An Eagle Scout, Austin knows no bounds in dedication, hard work and tenacity when it comes to things he is passionate about. Lucky for this community, he is passionate about Memphis and building upon its strengths. He serves on numerous boards. On the PeopleFirst Board, he is an active member of the goal team that focuses on attracting and retaining young professionals to our community. Austin regularly sponsors events that bring important issues to light and promote the city. He truly is an Outstanding Young Memphian!
4/15/2014 5:30:44 PM

Tomas Jabornik
Awesome single mother, clinical Psychologist, former Product Licensing professional for Elvis Presley Enterprises, volunteers with many organization (Mid-South Food Bank, Common Ground, Dress for Success, St. Jude, Memphis Grizzlies Foundation, etc), a avid supporter of the Memphis Grizzlies, founded aBeanStalk Company through StartCo, former Board member of Memphis Urban League Young Professionals and current Board member of Memphis' Mediation and Restitution/Reconciliation services through Juvenile Detention Center and the Department of Justice. I LOVE Memphis and its hospitality. Continuously seeks to make a positive contribution to Memphis' landscape and promote the "real memphis" to others all over the world. "I LOVE the food and am proud to call Memphis my home."
4/15/2014 2:47:42 PM

Jenny Fish
Thank you all for the nominations - we will be sure to add them to our consideration list. Tanisha, Roby and Amber - will you email me with contact information at so that we will be able to get ahold of you if your nominee is chosen?
4/15/2014 12:15:59 PM

Roby S. Williams
I would like to place the name of J. Austin Baker in nomination for the Honor of Outstanding Young Memphian. Mr. Baker is a principal at HRO Partners. He is a family man, married with two children. He is a Memphian's Memphian. Mr. Baker is my Leadership Memphis Classmate '08. He and i were also members of the first Class of NEXUS @ Second Presbyterian Church. Mr. Austin is the Co-Founder of MILE (Memphis Institute for Leadership Education) at the University of Memphis with Dr. Bob Taylor. This program identifies students in the Business School and connects them with local Businessmen for the purpose of developing their talents and abilities and nurturing them and guiding them down the path of leadership. He is involved with the Breakfast Club, NEXUS, and a number of other positive Pro-Memphis activities. A few years back Mr. Baker founded, "The Spirit of Memphis" a positive self talk and reverse the negative, "Homespeak" we often experience here. Mr. Baker is the young person who i can see myself supporting for Mayor or Governor. He is thorough in his thinking. He is committed to the Uplift of This Community. i often say of Mr. Baker, "He executes my visions (even when they have not been shared). By that, i mean, every good idea i think of, he executes. MILE was a dream to me. It was His reality. "The Spirit of Memphis" was a dream to me. Austin Baker made it a reality for ALL of us. When i say that J. Austin Baker is among our "Best and Brightest," i do not limit that consideration to persons just his age group. i have lived here all my life. i am developed in years. If this community produces three persons who are as passionate about Memphis as Austin Baker, our future will be very bright.
4/14/2014 4:21:30 PM

Tanesha L. Williams
I would like to nominate Dr. Kati Thomas as a Young Memphian on the move. Dr. Thomas has become a household name for combining Parental Intelligence and Technology. She is also the director of the West Tennessee Bully Project. Her passion for youth has inspired me and countless others to keep fighting the good fight in the field of education and youth development.
4/14/2014 12:17:11 PM

Amber D.
I'd like to nominate Jessica Chavers. She is a wonderful and ambitious girl who is actively involved advancing her career in the Journalism field. She is also in the process of creating an organization to mentor youths who are also seeking careers in journalism. Not only is Jessica a good friend of mine, but she is also someone I consider to be a role model. Her hard work and success at an age not too far from mine has inspired me to work harder at chasing my dreams and helping me realize that they aren't too far away.

Thanks and good luck Jessica!
4/13/2014 11:42:49 PM

Christina Meek
Thank you both for the nominations! Lisa-would you mind emailing me a way to get in touch with you in case I have any questions or need to contact your nomination? My email is
4/4/2014 11:25:06 AM

Lisa Moore
I would like to nominate Josh Spotts as an outstanding Young Memphian. He is actively involved in a number of local non-profits such as LeBonheur Children's Hospital and Girls Incorporated of Memphis. He is the founder of his own luxury real estate firm and a wonderful husband and father.
4/3/2014 9:33:50 AM

Greg Gaston
Dr. Dory Sellers

Owner of Sellers Dental Studio.

5341 Estate Office Dr.
Suite 1
Memphis, TN 38119
(901) 685-8259

Dr. Dory is an active member of the Memphis community. She is a sponsor of the Memphis Tigers, a member of the advisory board at LeBohneur, a member of the Memphis Chamber and an active participant in various local philanthropy causes. Dr. Dory epitomizes the role of young, successful MEMPHIAN and is perfect for this.
4/2/2014 7:26:32 PM

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