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Memphis 101

Well, hello there! May I be the first to welcome you to our fine city. Feel free to make yourself at home - we wouldn’t expect anything else. If you clicked on the link to this page, that must mean you’re wanting the Memphis scoop. Let’s be honest, I could fill a whole section of our website with all the great aspects of the Bluff City, so let’s just consider this blog a crash course.

1. Food. Let’s start with the #1 thing on your mind - whatcha gonna eat? We know you came here expecting some top-of-the-line BBQ, and we’re not going to disappoint. In fact, the World Championship Barbecue Contest is just around the corner. But Memphis is so much more than BBQ. We’ve got some world-renown chefs and an eclectic mix of flavors you won’t find anywhere else. Here’s a list of 100 things to eat in Memphis to get you started.

2. Music. Listed as #5 in the nation for the number of working musicians per capita, you’ll have no problem satisfying any musical palette. I’m sure you’re well aware that the King, Elvis Presley, called us home, but plenty of other big names walked these streets to record at Sun Studio, Stax Records and Ardent Studios - all of which you can see for yourself. Immerse yourself in music both past and present all throughout our city (you can use this as a guideline).

3. Accomodations. You’ve filled your belly. You’ve heard great music. Now where are you going to sleep? There are plenty of options. Hit the hay with the world’s most famous ducks at The Peabody Hotel, catch a breath-taking view on the rooftop of The Madison, or spend a charming evening on the banks of the Mississippi at The River Inn of Harbor Town. And that’s just the beginning, find what hotel is right for you here.

4. Sports. Grit and grind - it’s not just a saying, but an attitude - and we’ve got it. Home to the Memphis Grizzlies, the number one professional sports franchise in the country, we’ve got some of the most diehard fans in the country. And when we’re not at the FedExForum cheering on The Grizz, we’re there cheering on the Memphis Tigers. But basketball’s not our only offering. The Memphis Redbirds own our hearts during summer nights at AutoZone Park. We don’t bluff! You better believe it.

5. Arts. How do I fit all of Memphis artistic offerings into one small paragraph? I’ll mention classics like the Brooks Museum of Art, the Memphis College of Art, and The Orpheum Theatre, and then send you over to the ArtsMemphis home page where you can experience both the depth and breadth of the city’s art scene.

6. Attractions. Yes, we’ve covered the music, sports and arts, and our city still has so many attractions yet to be discovered. We’re packed full of wonderful museums, like the newly renovated National Civil Rights Museum, the newly accredited Children’s Museum of Memphis, and the one-of-a-kind Pink Palace Family of Museums as well as many more. And don’t you dare forget about the Memphis Zoo!

7. Outdoors. One of my favorite parts about Memphis is all the green space. With more than 60 miles of bike lanes and more to come, there’s no excuse not to enjoy a green commute or a quick workout. So ride your bike to the nearest park - we have three of the most visited in the country: Overton Park, T.O. Fuller State Park and Shelby Farms Park.

8. Festivals. Or ride your bike to the nearest festival - we host so many! If you’re in town right now, you’re probably here to enjoy Memphis in May. But be sure to come back for the Indie Memphis Film Festival, RiverArtsFest or Elvis Week. The list goes on and on...

9. Shopping. Whether you’re looking for big name brands or one-of-a-kind local products, we’ve got you covered - no matter what part of town you’re in. It would take me days to list all the good places to go, so I’ll just redirect you to our friends over at the “I Love Memphis” blog.

10. Food. What? You’re back for seconds, already? Okay, here’s 100 MORE things to eat in Memphis.

For the complete scoop on all the ways to Live, Work, and Play in Memphis, explore the Community section of our website. Then if you've still got questions, I’ve got answers - or I know the people who do. Leave me a comment or tweet me @MemphisChamber AND be on the lookout for recommendations from Memphians like me by searching the hashtag #WelcomeToMemphis. You’ll be getting the best advice from people who live here and love here.

Enjoy your stay!

UPDATE: A previous version of the blog listed Memphis as leading the nation in working musicians per capita, a 2012 distinction. That was updated to show Memphis currently ranked at #5 in the nation by Billboard Magazine. Download a current and complete listing of all of Memphis' Bragging Rights here.
Posted: 4/29/2014 11:14:53 AM | with 2 comments
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Adrienne Johnson
Hi Tom - Sharp eye. That should be updated to "Memphis is the 5th in the nation for number of working musician," which is also stated in our Bragging Rights document on page 18 (scroll to footer for page link) and is based on a ranking from Billboard here: Let us know if you have any questions. - AJ
5/5/2014 10:38:40 AM

Tom Jones
Can you point me to the source for the more musicians per capita bragging right? Thanks.
5/2/2014 9:32:34 PM

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