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New Tech Packaging: Thinking Outside The Box

New Tech Packaging
I had the privilege recently to meet with Chamber member, New Tech Packaging’s J.C. Heotis Jr., president, and Mike Mathias, vice president of business development, to find out more about their business. I knew beforehand that they developed packaging for various household names, some you would recognize. I was surprised to learn that they save their customers money by developing more efficient methods of packaging, and because of this, they have become more profitable. Also, New Tech values employees with problem solving and creative skills over a sales background. The way they see it, a good business is having the best customer service.
“It’s a privilege to be in with a customer, and you have to earn your right to be there year after year,” said Mike Mathias.
It’s kind of surreal to find out where the “stuffing” of packaging comes from or how the shape of a box is created. Taking a tour of a manufacturing facility is kind of like peeking behind the curtain in Emerald City to find the Wizard of Oz running the show. Except there’s real magic going on here.
Check out this clip of Mike Mathias explaining how one of their machines cuts corrugated foam:

Here Mike explains how the materials they use are already recycled:

  • New Tech Packaging began operations here in Memphis in 1984.
  • They have three main goals: 1.) Build strong customer partnerships, 2.) Be customized, specialized and creative in saving the customer money and providing packaging know-how, and 3.) Satisfy customers by continuously meeting their needs.
  • New Tech’s sales people get a bonus not from how much product they sell, but how much money they save their customers
  • New Tech’s products and services include: contract packaging, plastic corrugated, corrugated cartons, custom packaging foam and retail displays, among many other options.
  • They have over 10,000 packaging products in their online packaging product catalog
  • New Tech strives to be environmentally friendly by: using the latest environmental scorecard software from ECRM, the same software used for the Wal-Mart packaging scorecard; they recycle tons of corrugated fiber and foam from within the manufacturing facility
  • J.C. is not just a great barbecue cook. His team has won at Memphis in May barbecue festival before.
To find out more about New-Tech Packaging, visit

To find out how to become a chamber member, visit our membership page.

-- Christina Meek

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