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Treat the commitments you make to yourself with as much respect as you do the commitments you make to others. Don’t think of your self-commitments as necessarily grandiose in importance. They can be as simple as eliminating soda from your diet or reading for at least 15 minutes each night. No matter the scale, your integrity is on the line when you don’t take those commitments seriously, because you no longer trust that you’ll keep your commitments anywhere in your life. This self-doubt creates a defeatist mentality, and that is death to a salesperson.
In late 2014, the Chamber adopted a battle cry – Memphis Clean by 2019 – to rid the city of trash and blight. What better time to get cleaned up than for the city’s 200th birthday? And what better motivation ­to tackle a problem that impacts not only the quality of life in neighborhoods but also the economic potential of a whole city?

Learn more about how these efforts are moving forward in four areas of Memphis - The Heights, Oak Ridge, Orange Mound, and Southeast Memphis.
Well-known businessman and investor Warren Buffet has been credited with one of the most popular quotes on reputation management: "It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently."
LaMeka founded Ivy Mediation early this year. She works with civil, labor and domestic cases to help resolve conflict. As a “Rule 31 Mediator,” she participates in court-ordered conflict resolution for parties in divorces, for example, and she does volunteer work in mediation. In workplaces, she likes bridging the gap between managers and employees. Ivy Mediation’s services include conflict resolution training, harassment prevention and customer service training.
Seedco is a national leader in the Workforce Development Industry. Over the past 13 years, Seedco has developed best practices and programming that connects underemployed and unemployed individuals with a customized long-term career path.  
We frequently receive questions from our members on how they can use their membership to better promote their business. And the best answer? The Members-Only Area.
Better business credit establishes better credibility, which leads to more opportunities for growth. Small business owners likely recognize the importance of maintaining good personal credit, but may not realize or regularly consider the value placed on strong business credit.
With years of experience in television journalism, the Johnny Little, Jr. reinvented himself like his father before him and became an entrepreneur, opening eLittle Communications in 2007. 
Member Tennessee Charter School Center has made it their mission to support and cultivate high-performing charter schools and advocate for autonomy, accountabliity and choice across public education in Tennessee. In the video and blog post below, Amanda Henneghan, Director of Communications, shares how this organization is impacting education in Memphis.
Over the past ten years, the popularity of social media has increased significantly, with over 2.34 billion users reported in 2016 – and that number is only expected to grow. With the opportunity to reach this many people, why would you not advertise on social channels? If the sheer number of users is not enough of an incentive, we’ve provided five reasons why you and your business should take advantage of this opportunity.

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