Healthcare Reform Timeline

Below is an expanded summary timeline for major items in Senate Health Care Bill that will effect businesses, including helpful links to find more information.

2010 2011 2012
Insurance Reforms
• Dependent Coverage to 26
• No lifetime/annual limits
• No pre-existing condition for children under 19
• Limits on rescissions
• No preventive cost-sharing
• Patient Protections
 Small Business Health Tax Credit. Information from IRS

 False Claims Act. American Bar Association analysis

 Early Retiree Reinsurance Program White House Fact Sheet

 Medicare Cuts
 Medical Loss Ratio Requirements [PDF]

 Appeals Notice Requirement

 Rate Review Rate Information

 Health Spending Accounts & Flexible Spending Accounts Limits

 Brand-name Drug Tax Information

 HSA Penalty

 Medicaid Long-Term Care Services

 Cafeteria Plan
 Appeals Language Requirement  Amended Rule

 Summary of Benefits and Coverage

 Women’s Preventive Services Information

 ACO’s (Medicare Shared Savings Program)

 Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Fee Information

 W-2 Reporting
Updated Reporting Guidelines FAQ
2013 2014 2015
 Elimination of Deduction for Part D Subsidy

 Fewer Deductible Medical Expenses Information [PDF]

 Medicare Payroll Taxes Information

 Flexible Spending Account Limits

 Medical Device Tax. Read information here and here

 Exchange Open Enrollment. Tennessee Health Insurance Exchange
 Continuation of Health Insurance Exchanges

 Essential Health Benefits

 Individual Mandate Information

 Employer Requirements
Potential penalty Information [PDF]

 Premium Credits
Subsidy Calculator | Information on Credits

 Medicaid Eligibility Expands

 Premium Stabilization

 Guarantee Issue Information by State

 Insurer Tax Information
2016 2017 2018
 Interstate Health Choice Compacts  Large Employers in Exchange  Cadillac Tax
For more information, see "Critical Employer Issues in the PPACA" [PDF]

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